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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hanging Memories

A favorite past time of mine is making Christmas ornaments.  You may have guessed that by now, seeing other posts of mine, like here and here! Well, I decided it is time to share these unique ornaments I made mostly in 2006.  First though, I had to put my hands on them.  (I have moved quite a few times since then!)  I was literally digging around my studio for the box of ornaments and surprisingly, I knew right where they were!  Some are simple and just for fun.  Others are putting my experimental materials to good use.  See what you think...

The home ornament I started last year and finished off this year.  Materials used were; small pieces of wood, acrylic paint, wire, bead and a rusty piece of tin for the roof.  

The rusty tin was from my grandfather's old chicken house.  I love re-purposing materials that previous generations used and ties to my childhood memories!

Instead of creating typical green and red trees, I decided to focus on texture and pattern.  I enjoy the button detail.  Materials used were; acrylic paint, buttons, cotton thread, waxed linen, steel jump rings and ribbon.  I made these in 2006.

Using sandpaper to give any surface depth will always create unique results and eye-catching surfaces.  Simply paint a surface like wood or canvas with 2 or more layers of various paint colors.    Next, using light sandpaper, gently mar the surface until your desired results are achieved.  Repeat as desired.  This is a really good technique to keep in your arsenal of skills.

Spools that I painted, sanded and then drilled holes through the sides of each one.  I used steel wire to "thread" them together and added a small glass bead on top.

My textured spool ornament

My unique spin on lights and a Christmas tree ornament!

Materials used were; square dowel rods, small wood pieces, tack nails, acrylic paint, steel wire and a thin black pen for adding details.

I consider these my sculptural ornaments!  I remembering thinking how I wanted them to be simplistic and vertical on the square dowel rods.  Pre-drilling was necessary with the painted, thin wood pieces.  An extra step that produced a nice finish.  I just love how the nails are used for attachment purposes, as well as adding sparkling details to the colored circles.

Painting lights like this became quite addictive that year!

These particular ornaments I made last year.  I had dyed some fabric as well as used silk screen paint, my friend Linda gave me to experiment with!  Next thing I know I had excess cloth I wasn't quite sure what to do with.  It's very easy to get caught up in painting lots and lots of fabric!!!  Hence, the hot pink and lime green stocking was born! 

Ripping fabric was beginning to be another favorite activity for me, last year.  The raw edges and the uniform look around the steel wire skeleton, I created, is very aesthetically pleasing to me!  I went on to make brooches with a similar look.

I have always loved a wreathe!

Santa can't fill this one, I sewed the top closed.  I need to make another....

I believe a handmade ornament hung every year reminds the artist of techniques learned along with our favorite materials from that particular time in our life.  I also find myself reflective on my personal life, where I lived and how old my children were at the time.  Good memories to cherish because as we all know...time does indeed fly.

most reflective on this artist holiday-

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  1. You are one of Santa's elves! They are all wonderful. I like the house and trees best, maybe because I live in the woods.