Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, February 21, 2014

Trunk Show

What a wonderful evening we had at my first

Trunk Show!

My hostess, Pam Russell opened her beautiful home as ground zero for the burst of energy and untamed creativity that I call my art work!

Here's an assortment of photos pre-show..

The jewelry and pottery table.

This table was designed to walk around.

Height was added to create more visual and tactile interest.

The pottery made for unique dishes to house my jewelry.

My copper heart adjustable rings were a big hit!

I brought small treasures of color from my studio I created to decorate the table.

Thanks to Pam for providing absolutely gorgeous tulips as the focal point!

It wasn't all art work, small appetitzers were ready for the pickin'.

On the opposite end of the counter, I created a space of doodling inspiration.
Unique and original designs I create with only paper and pens.
It's meditative and a wonderful creative exercise with very basic tools!

I created doodle bookmarks to give as small tokens of appreciation to the first five patrons.

I also took over Mrs. Pam's dining room!

Paintings, Mixed Media pieces, Fabric Collages, Christmas Ornaments were shared 
just to name a few.

Pantry Sketchbooks too!

Some pieces I shared only for inspiration.

My very own "Card Table"!

Cards ready for handwritten notes and cherished written moments.

I made a few heart cards, as well.

What a great creative space Pam provided for my work!
Her home is filled with oodles of artwork already, so of course my work fit right in!

A special thank you to everyone who was able to join us.

And thank you to those who could not, but sent well wishes my way.

And a huge thank you to
Pam Russell!!

I have been asked to have another show...
Maybe in May?...

I will let you know!!

being quite reflective of my artistic journey and how far I have come on this artist holiday,

Friday, February 7, 2014

Studio Exploration - Uglies

A ceramic study in handbuilding
for my class
ART 3851
Dr. Quinn

As the student, I am to create a three-dimensional form out of clay after reading the book by Maurice Sendak "Where the Wild Things Are".  The clay form must begin as a pinch pot and then turned on its side.  The form must have some details such as; eyes, teeth, ears, horns, hair, feet and nails.

Here we go...

Start with a mound of clay.  Don't forget to wedge!

Wedged and ready to become a pinch pot first.

Press thumbs in the center.

Continue pressing and pushing the clay to create a pinch pot.

I was trying to create even sides all around the pot with my fingers.

Hands are always the best tools!

Once I was happy with the pinch pot, I wanted to add some details before I turned it on its side.

I scalloped the edges and then added some grooves.

I am totally digging this project!

Now it is time to squeeze the sides and add more detail on the outside.

Once I had this form I immediately began to see a shell and added the pearl.

Eyes were next.  This is the back view of the vessel.

Now what?

Hornish ears!  These attach to the eyes and the top of the "Ugly".

I enjoy adding texture into the clay to have some depth when glazing.

Feet with toenails are added next.

Score and Slip method was used to add the small vessel features.

I couldn't forget about the teeth!

This is greatly textured, as well to hopefuly hold some awesome glaze!

Funky and Ugly!

At the last minute I felt it needed a small nose.

Ugly created and will be drying for the first firing.

Check back in the coming weeks for the next process.

pushing my creative self-expression with a versatile media on this artist holiday,