Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Visually Speaking

 My passion runs thick, my soul cannot contain it...

 The soul sits without quiver as the waves brush its' surface. And there it will be, unweathered by the storm's constant fury. 

Storm Within

With the stroke of one brush, I touched the moon and felt alive.

Soul's Surge

Its age spoke to her first, then the delicate edge. She could not stop staring at its history. She had just the place for it to remain.

Rustic Organic Clay Bowl

She remembers her loss and her courage for within her lives a pink ember that cannot be tamed.

Porcelain Shell Earrings

She kneeled down to see what her eye caught for her and relished in the discovery. As she placed the broken pottery in her hand she knew there would be more to its story.

Ceramic Decorative Bowl

Just a hint of blue was all she needed. She grabbed her purse and keys and knew she was unstoppable.

Porcelain Earrings with a Touch of Blue

I cannot choose one passion over the other, they are woven together in the thread of my being.
This is me and I am enough.

Choosing to be in the arena of vunerability on this artist holiday,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Painter's Cross to Bear

She saw it differently.

And in that difference something she had never seen before.

She was awakened to the shapes, patterns and a plethora of planes begging for color...

begging to come alive.

Only then did she realize she must paint and behold what will come.

The surprise and delight secured the chance she took to see a difference in the common.

She billowed over with satisfaction of a job well done.

And then she turned it over.

She knew then adding color would never be done till her dying day.

a drink carton, paint, brushes and an eye for pattern on this artist holiday,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Musical Clay

Recently, I came across a wonderful interdisciplinary lesson plan working with clay!

Organic Clay Rattles

I can't wait to teach this for the first time!  
Kids are going to love it!!

It is fairly simple and a great way to incorporate textural elements 
and have students exploring form making with slabs of clay.

I used ceramic clay, but you can also use air dry clay.

Check out this link - Dick Blick to see their detailed instructions and short video!

My directions included:

Step 1:  Create small pellets and different size balls of clay to use as the sound makers.
Step 2: Roll out slabs of clay
Step 3: Use recycled objects, stamps and other interesting objects to create the deep textural             elements on the slab.
Step 4: Cut off excess clay and begin to experiment with the clay to create an interesting form.
Step 5: Use the slip, score and smooth method to adhere sides together.  Remember to add in your sound makers.  They may need a coat of corn starch.  I did not use cornstarch, I  created the pellets first and allowed them to dry some while I was creating the texture on my slab.  And I checked that my rattles made noise before I put them into the kiln.
** Don't forget the air holes!**

After Kiln Firing:
** I fired my rattles twice, but I may try only kiln firing next time.  

Add acrylic paint!  Of course, if you use 2 contrasting colors the texture on the rattles will pop!  And use metallics - they really add something special!!  Then I finished them off with an acrylic sealer spray.

Top rattle:  metallic green on top of a chartreuse green
Middle rattle:  metallic pearl white over a kelly green over a periwinkle blue.
Bottom rattle: copper metallic on top of  hot pink.

I love the subtle texture on this one brought out by the metallic paint!

It actually cracked on top as it was drying, but the paint worked well to conceal it some.

It looks like a pillow!

A nice place for your thumb at the bottom.

It's hard to see the contrast on this one between the greens.

This form was made by rolling up a long rectangle and adding a top and bottom.

It's not straight though, I put a slight curve in it to better fit the hand.

This rattle is very small and the firmer grip you have on it,
the less sound comes from it!

This rattle also has a bend in it.

My favorite - texture!!!

Interdisciplinary lesson plans bring in various subjects into one lesson!  As my professor once said... "The world isn't divided out by subjects, why should the classroom?"

Did you know...
 Rattles are one of the oldest forms of music and crosses many many cultures.

This lesson shares the history of rattles, a musical aspect and the elements of art.

Love it!!

sharing a great idea, my love of clay, art making and teaching on this artist holiday,