Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ornament Delight

I am so thankful for my creative might
that I used to make these ornaments of delight!

So, with your belly full simply hop, hop, hop
over to my etsy and shop, shop, shop!

Thanks so much for your well wishes!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Doughnut Beauty

Time has stood still for just a second at least.
You are my beauty and my sweetest beast.

I turn quickly to get a grip
and turn back slowly licking my lips.

You are one of those few things in this universe
that's better than imagined, so opposite of the worst.

I love your assortment, you outdo yourself each time.
So airy, so round and beautiful in that line.

It's just me and you right now,
we know what's going to happen, we know how.

Doughnut, my love for your sweetness is grand.
Now the only way to get in my mouth is by my hand.

I feel such calmness and peace as we are one yet again.
You are so divine and will never be my sin.

It doesn't matter where life takes me or what I do,
in your goodness my pleasure will forever ensue.

Until the next time my scrumptious bit,
the treadmill, stair-climber and ab machine I will hit.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Acronym #1

ART, act refined tomorrow

As a creative exercise for myself, I will be randomly creating acronyms with some of my favorite words.  I think this exercise will help me with my writings (that I am really enjoying, by the way!) and also an artistic outlet.  I have also been doodling lately.  Those photos are below. 

I shall doodle and play on this artist holiday!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discovery Vases

Their pockets were full of the smallest of treasures they could find in a single afternoon.  She felt certain she just created another lasting memory with her daughter.  The type of memory she would maybe even cherish one day.  After doing several of these hunting and gathering trips, she finally knew what to do with these recently discovered possessions.  She grabbed an old canning jar from her pantry and suddenly it was created.  The "discovery vase" was born.  Inside each discovery vase were the simplest of things, cast aside by a fast-moving society, not bothering to notice or pick them up.  Different riches that she or her daughter inspected and felt worthy to be included in such a unique collection.  She was thrilled, at least inwardly, to know she was keeping the memory alive in her daughter, by simply having a visual reference. 

This vase was created circa 2009, when we briefly lived beside Queen Anne's Creek in a 100 year old cotton mill.  The beetle was dead when we found him.  He or she is a gorgeous olive green with black dots.  We decided against collecting the swamp snakes and other living creatures a swamp contains!

This is the other side of the vase.  A magnolia petal, painted gumballs, concrete bits, unusal sticks, moss, broken glass, palm cross, and a large elephant ear leaf are just some of the items inside.

These are the brick bits, broken china and drift wood found in and around the Chesapeake Bay.

Some of the shells have an iridescent look, very unique.  In the middle of this photo, you can see one lone empty barnacle on a brick bit.

These vases sit atop a shelf we can see everyday to remind us of places we have lived and/or visited.  Collecting precious things and memories at the same time, on this artist holiday.


Monday, November 15, 2010

An Artist Dream

I dream an artist dream today
probably not one you would think of right away.

It’s one of those dreams when you are awake
and this one in particular is just for art’s sake.

In my studio is where I begin
everything is thrown about, not tidy in its’ bin.

Such a wreck, such a whirlwind in my room
but such beauty does it show, nothing like a tomb.

For all this chaos does have a purpose and a plan
art projects have been created, millions by my hand.

The elements of art and principles of design
are shown divinely in every piece and every medium of its kind.

In just this one day I had experimented with all media to date
mastered every technique and every artwork mastered was my fate.

Then, I invented new techniques and new designs
nothing ever seen before, new everything, new lines.

All my work published made history in its sales
I would have to hire ten assistants to read all my fan mail.

No, I would read each piece myself with a tear in my eye
taking it all in, hoping each person was as happy as I.

In this art utopia I would live lively and free
sharing my experiences and knowledge to truly complete me.

After all, this is just an artist dream worthy to share
with all my family, friends and artists everywhere.


Monday, November 8, 2010

On the Shore

As she sits on the shore in her beloved fold up chair and faded towel, she is at ease.  She feels contentment throughout her being that she had not felt since last year sitting in this near exact spot.  It was a morning just like today, the sun feels fresh, the breeze is soft and the pelicans look as if they are enjoying the solitude just as much.  She found her mind drifting, but not staying in one thought too long.  She couldn’t risk being engulfed in her memories and not allowing her body to fully maximize the divine intervention she has become a part of on this perfectly harmonious shore. 

The shore inspires many and I am no different.  I find the horizon to be enchanting and my imagination to run wild with what is beyond that delicate line of blues.  I comb the beach for small treasures washed up that morning in high tide.  I like to think of the delicacies I find as beauties put there from the Great One, only for me to find and love.  Swimming in the ocean is one of life’s pure pleasures.  The waves are swift, sometimes warm and always refreshing.  I have found myself lost in the wave’s repetitive motion and free in the big blue.  Other times I enjoy the excitement of the next wave coming and satisfaction of sometimes winning the fold and eventual crash of one and having to dive into others, knowing I can’t win them all.  Of course this is where I could interject parallels of how fighting and dodging waves swimming in the ocean can be so much like life, but I will leave your mind to pull those similarities together.  Above all, the shore has so much to offer and you only need to bring your mind free of expectations to enjoy it.

My work can only benefit from my occasional trips to the different shores I visit throughout each year.  My collections range from shells of North Carolina’s creeks, rivers and the Atlantic to worn brick bits and unique shells from the Chesapeake Bay.  I may not always work out each idea, but the creativity is there.  I would like to share with you some of my collections and other ideas I am working on.

I used the netting bag my children's toys came in to collect my treasures this past summer.  The word "sea" written in steel wire, laying on hand dyed fabric.  Still trying to work this into a collage....

The center shell looks like toes

Fossil-like shells.  Something draws me to these porous fragments, I adore a find such as these!

Brick bits and a split clam.  Some brick bits have swirls of lighter shades you can see and the deep browns of the clam shells are beautiful.  Now, some of my recent artwork...

Artist Artifacts is a triptych I created with burlap, hand dyed fabric, glass and ceramic fragments, various beads, wire, wooden branches, cornstarch dough artifacts, a porous shell and a beautifully contoured shell

Closeup of the contoured shell, in the upper right

A word collage I created spelling "love" framed in a black shadow box.  The "o" is a shell with a pearl atop.  Other materials I used were wood, job tears beads, glass beads, white shell beads, wire, ribbon and hand dyed fabric

Organic Chain is a necklace where the large shell is strung as if it were a bead itself.  Strung with the large shell are also Egyptian clay beads, glass, horn and wood beads and handmade steel wire beads.

A bracelet created with small oyster shell beads, bayong wood bead, other wood and glass beads, as well as a steel wire bead basket around shell beads and two pearls.

The love of the ocean resonants with us all, now if only we could capture, not just the ocean's treasures but the beauty we see in our own masterpiece.  Well, what an artist holiday that would be...


Friday, November 5, 2010

Confidence Booster

This confidence booster began back in July when I made a fabric ornament with metal wire and small blue beads to submit to the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge “Winter Holiday Gift Swap”.  I like to think of reader challenges as something one of my art professors would have asked me to do in a college setting!  They get my creative juices flowing and whether I get the lucky chance of being published or not, my ideas usually spiral into other things I create.  So, without further ado, November/December Issue 33, page 78 (8 pages closer to the cover than the last publication!) J

And Jill Eudaly at http://www.jeudaly.blogspot.com/ (her blog; Recycled Daze) received my ornament!  Her beautiful shimmering and festive wall hanging was also published in the same article!  Congratulations Jill!

Cloth Paper Scissors is a collage and mixed media magazine. 

This really is an artist holiday!!! 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tool Love

You gently turn my wire so neat,
making tight circles, twisting an end are all such a treat.

Round nose pliers you’ve never let me down.
whenever you’re needed, you can always be found.

Now I could go on and on,
choosing my favorite tool – oh boy – this could get long.

Steel wire, so bendable and dark
I put you near the top, my mind you do spark.

Oh, and then there’s the jeweler’s saw, tough and sleek
ready to cut through metal or wood.  Yeah, I’m a saw freak!

That brings me to wood, what a delight!
you do what I ask without any fight.
Wood, you are my versatile friend
that I do everything too, well, except bend.

Without you dear wooden bead, dowel rod or other,
my work would be lost like a child without its mother.

And what about you beads, my real true love.
You call me by name softly from that distribution hub.

You say “Hannah, sweet Hannah, look at me”
“I am so pretty and almost free!”

Heishi, coin, rondelle, glass, wood, horn and seeds
just to name a few, of my bead fetish needs

Beads, as we continue this relationship more,
I know I can count on you, not just in my artwork, but to be on my floor.

This next tool is mostly behind the scenes,
strong and sturdy and not always clean.

Sometimes you’re called adhesive, sometimes glue.
You help me most when wire won’t do.

Ode to paint, what an awesome medium to be,
paint is very special to me; it was almost my college degree.

Watercolors, oils, acrylics and glazes for finishing touches
You help me in just the right spot, at the nick of time, and in tight clutches.

Now where would paint be without that brush?
I can’t forget you either, you relay my perfect touch.

I can so believe how long this is getting. 
I know I could keep writing until my 7 year old’s wedding.

This next task can be a pleasure and my fabric stash I do treasure.
Sewing anything is my rule, by machine by hand, what a must-have tool.

But follow a pattern, no way
dress-maker patterns are for mixed-media, I say.

And as I look downward, I suddenly realize my hands are crucial to my artistic approach.
Just like the other day when I made the “Save the Broken Crayons” brooch.

I can’t forget about my eyes, they find my mistakes, specific colors and spaces I waste
Not to mention, my new artsy glasses I wear on my face.

Well, I must really stop and thank God for my imagination
because I have kept you this long reading my “tool love” creation.

So thank you dear Lord for my creativity and speed
for it only took me 3 hours to write this silly read!

Therefore, use any and all your tools and you will never artistically stray
is what I hope you take away from this artist holiday!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Defining Moment

The alarm had not gone off yet, but her mind was already restless.  She still had her eyes closed, dreaming the same ole dreams of art grandeur and pure creative bliss, yet she felt something different stirring within her.  She waited, as she always did, for those fears of inadequateness and severe inhibitions to squash her dreaming and bring her back to her reality of living without art everyday.  But this morning, she knew was unique, the fears never came.  She decided then and there, to fight to be seen and heard and once she made that incredible leap forward, she would never have to regret looking back.  For the first time ever, she truly allowed herself to believe that using her talents, was going to be her destiny.  It was only then that she realized how deep her passion for art ran within her and she was thrilled realizing her lifework would be unraveling each handmade piece…

How easy would that have been?  Just a simple defining moment in time, to get a grip and move right into your artistic endeavors.  I wish!  For me personally, it has been a series of small events and small accomplishments, and motivation from my family and friends that have brought me to this point.  I am excited to start this blog saying that, although I may not be like the above lady completely free of all inhibitions, I have come pretty far personally.  So, with this first posting, I say art is my passion, I am proud of my work and yes I think I am a talented artist!  There I said it, I feel so much better.  Now that we have that out of the way, I am excited to share so many things with you, my ideas, artwork and other thoughts that may occur.  So, until my next posting, thanks for taking an artist holiday with confidence!