Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Patter in your Heart

Grant me three wishes and that won't be enough.
Because wishing is for those who don't try
and dreams are for those who never give up.

If you just sit and wish and don't do a thing,
Your life will pass you by and you'll never grow wings.

But a dream can take you places you never imagined thus far,
A patter in your heart, a whisper from afar.

Forget about wishing for all that delight.
Put your best foot forward with all of your might.

Begin to rise early and stay up late.
Get it together, this is after all your very own fate.

So, the next time "I wish" is the sentence you start,
Discard all that wishing and dream from your heart.

A 2x2 canvas was the structure I used to create this mixed media artwork. 
Materials used; dress pattern, collage and tissue papers, acrylic paint, pens and pencils.

Just coming from the heart on this artist holiday-


  1. what is the white background?
    The heart piece is interesting...so many bits to draw the eye in. I'm starting to get the part about getting up early and staying up late. It's the only way to get things done. I have been limiting my computer time...time sucker! Are you doing the CPS design your own fabric readers challange?? it's in the new issue.
    off to visit a few blogs then get kids moving. We got about 4 inches of snow last night. two hour delay. Wind chill has it around zero. Being finals the school may not shut down. have to get those grades in.
    have a good day,

  2. A white egg carton!

    I do want to do that challenge. I just hope I know enough about dyeing and painting fabric "to be dangerous!"
    Good luck with all that snow!
    take care-