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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Highly Prized Page 3

This is page 3 from my new sketchbook for the Sketchbook Challenge I joined this year.   It's very exciting and such a great mind exercise to explore through various mediums and techniques.  This month's theme is "highly prized".  Each month, the theme and moderator changes.  Click the button on the right for more details.  

"America the Beautiful is highly prized to me"
Materials: pencil, acrylic paint, pens

I believe the effect I was trying to achieve was moderately successful.  Taking the colors; red, white and blue with various hues and tints throughout.  It gives it depth and texture along with the brush strokes.  I was going for "Jasper Johns" texture without the wax!  The result: another painting that I enjoyed working on!!

To see my first two sketchbook pages for this challenge, click here.

Exploring and simply having fun on this artist holiday.....finally-


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  1. I'm also a Jasper Johns fan. I'm a bigger Mark Rothko (sp?) fan, like that era. nice sketch book pages. I have not cracked my book since the first sketch.