Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cant Resist This

The Sketchbook Challenge theme this month is "Can't Resist This".  As with each month thus far, I think and dwell and dig deep to interpret the theme.  Then I tell myself it is going in a sketchbook and to "get to it"!

Can't resist this:  Abstract

closeups of abstract
Materials used:  acrylic paints, china marker

Abstract or non-objective; I can not resist how aesthetically pleasing an abstract artwork is to my eye!

My other page I took photos of in stages of completion.

Can't resist this:  Nature

Materials used:  colored pencils, acrylic paints, black sharpie, china marker

I found this beautiful moth in my driveway this morning.  At first it looked like a dead leaf, but I had to get a closer look.  Not sure the cause of death.  But I immediately felt an urge to do an interpretation of it in my sketchbook for the challenge.

Here are photos of the moth...

His eyes were very striking to me.  Dark and beady.  And those amazing antennas!

unable to resist my creativity on this artist holiday,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beet Time

         I never know when my art genie lamp has been rubbed and out she comes to grant 3 wishes.  Take for example the other day when I received my box of fresh produce at my doorstep.  (Yes, a local farm here delivers me a delicious box of fresh veggies every week!)  I love it!  But, sometimes that box contains vegetables I am not as familiar with cooking and beets were one of those veggies!  So, the art genie granted me wishes of art time with beautifully colored vegetables, paper and fabric.

I knew beets would have a strong color, but I didn't know how luscious and captivating it was.  So, I just started cutting slices and pressing firmly into the paper.

The stems and leaves were very striking.  Such a vivid heather green with veins a sultry dark magenta.

Coming soon to my sketchbook; heather green and dark magenta. 
 A whirlwind of a color combination!

I also dyed some PFD fabric to see how the beet color looked on the fabric.  I didn't let in soak too long and it became a faint rose pink.  Still beautiful!   

prints on paper

more prints on paper

Print and slice.  Print and slice.  The magenta juice resting on the knife's edge was scraped carefully onto the stained paper, saving all she could.  She wanted to study this color more and more.  It was true, she just found another color she couldn't live without. 

getting back to my roots on this artist holiday-

Friday, May 13, 2011

Win some, lose some..

I have learned that my Art Pops were not chosen for publication today.  But, that's okay!  I am taking rejection so much better than I did a year ago.  It is only through this artistic adventure that I have taken these challenges and have really grown from them.  Whenever I enter one of these challenges or sketchbook themes, it really stretches my imagination and sends my artwork in such different areas that I would never have gone before!  And sometimes I find myself pleasantly surprised (sketching) at the processes and results.

So, if you are on the fence about jumping in with submitting your artwork, well let me give you a slight push.  Rejection will come but with each rejection you are one step closer to your goal.  At least that's what I tell myself! :)

Here's to Art; my passion forever and always no matter what speed bumps come between us!

sharing the rejections of an artist who will never waiver on this artist holiday,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sketch-In Sketches

Here are the sketches made during the Sketch-In on Saturday...

Henry Spencer Moore
Large Standing Figure:  Knife Edge

This was the starting point, a semi-blind contour of sculpture above.  Not just any contour drawing, but as Lyric describes here , imagine your pencil touching the edge of your subject and not the paper.

I tried again, focusing on the top more.  The background is just simply a sketch.

Alexander Archipenko
Blue Dancer
cast after 1961

The blue was so attractive.  This figure was abstract and realism together.  The hands and feet were squared off, while the torso was free-flowing curves and voluptuousness.  Just beautiful!


The foot stuck out, in a good way!  I had to draw it! 

I sketched it pretty quickly.  Maybe a little off on the angle.

Next, was another exercise prompted by Lyric.  Drawing quick gestures in the Rodin section.  Gesture drawing is quick, just capturing the essence of the subject.  Maybe a few angles that stand out and other prominent lines.  As Lyric described; imagine if you saw the subject are drawing for 2 minutes and then it was taken away.  You need reference points to continue the drawing and those can be captured in a gesture drawing.

Below are some of those gestures...

Monumental Torso of the Walking Man and The Prayer


The Thinker and I am Beautiful

getting back to the basics on this artist holiday,

Monday, May 2, 2011


hosted by Lyric Kinard 
Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was a wonderful day!  My 7 year old, Roz, was excited to come with me!
Here we are on that beautiful morning, beginning with an exercise of semi-blind contour drawings as directed by Lyric.  Something to get our juices flowing. Such curves and points on this sculpture, quite impressive work by Henry Spencer Moore.
thanks Lyric for taking the picture!

Another angle of the sculpture as we sketch.  
thanks again Lyric for taking awesome photos of us!

After the initial exercise, we split up and went to various parts of the museum to sketch to our liking.  But there was so much work, I got a little caught up viewing.  This was one of those pieces that blew me away!  Just a stunning piece, so large!  
This work was created by El Anatsui in 2008.  Titled Lines that Link Humanity.  It was made of discarded aluminum and copper wire.
that's Roz standing in front of it!

A closeup.

I did get with it and started sketching.  Those photos coming soon.  But later we met back up with the group and did some gesture drawings of Rodin sculptures.  Such a great time!  

After the sketch-in event, Roz and I had a picnic lunch under some pine trees overlooking the 164 acre Museum Park.  Then we headed back inside to see more artwork and sketch just a little more.  The Museum was having Egypt Day as well and she was able to participate in that afterwards.  She wrote her name in hieroglyphics, made a necklace with a copper etching, played with clay and did an archaeological dig!  Tons of fun for a 7 year old!

When I normally go to museums or galleries I take a small sketchbook with me and make notes or quick drawings.  Just something to remember for later.  So, I have never done anything quite like this and I must say, it was fantastic!  Thanks to Lyric and all who came to make it such a fun event.  Thanks to the NC Museum of Art for providing inspiration so close to home.

happy with my surroundings on this artist holiday,