Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Pops

I made cake pops for the first time this year and it was quite addictive!  I first saw them on Alisa Burke's blog.  You know by now how I feel about sweets, so I could not help myself as it crept into my artwork.  I have a feeling, this will not be the only version of art pops I create....

colorful and delicious!

I played with a variety of lollipop shapes.

For those not familiar with cake pops, chocolate cake and chocolate icing mixed together make up the gooey core!

Candy melts are used for the outside coating, then dipped in your favorite sprinkle variety!

This photo was my inspiration for the colored pencil sketch below...

So much fun!  Then I went 3-D....

Art Pops

Scrumptious wire atop a round canvas of sugary sweet fabrics and sprinkles of delicious beads is the delight of my aesthetic taste buds.  And the weight went straight to my artistic mind!

Materials I used were; color coated brass wire, steel wire, commercial fabric, hand painted fabric, batik fabric, floral tape, glass beads, adhesive, thread, embroidery floss, lollipop sticks.

Top View

As a collection...

This is my submission into the Cloth Paper Scissors Wild Wire Reader Challenge!

Finalists announced May 13th.....

staying whimsical on this artist holiday,


  1. These are so sweet!! Very creative!

  2. very nice. pink cowboy boots, Eva had those boots in white when she was younger. we need to buy new boots. at the moment hers are black and white snake skin (fake).

  3. Very sweet and zero calories!

  4. I wondered what cake pops were, but I loved the painting you did of them!! Now I know what they are, and I love the mixed media sculptures you made of them. They are beautiful! Good luck with the contest.