Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, April 11, 2011

Who said....

As with many artistic endeavors I find myself on, stringing pearls has begun yet another interesting path.  Who said you can only string pearls?

The pearl strand on the left is where I would cut the knots and take each pearl off to put the pearls on the new strand on the right to make my Mother's Pearls, the contemporary strand.  Then I felt it was time to string other beautiful beads.....

This is a bracelet I made using a larger size silk cord and Dark Chocolate Orchid Shell beads (their actual name!)  They are a beautifully chocolate brown!  I placed a small charm, by the clasp, with other shell beads on steel wire to give it a finishing touch.

Using the larger size silk cord again, I made this bracelet using tri-rectangle shell beads, as they are called.  Very pretty shell beads with depth and layering in each bead. I also added a charm of other grey shell beads and an orchid shell bead on steel wire, by the clasp.

This was quite a fun bracelet to make using beautifully colored beads!  Once again using the larger silk cord and yellow turquoise, glass and ceramic beads adding them randomly to make what I titled a "cocktail bracelet"!  The sterling silver square clasp and button charm also make it such a unique piece.

Finally, some new listings on my etsy site!

stringing and knotting my heart out on this artist holiday-

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