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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mother's Pearls

She knew a mother's pearls were sacred for any daughter who was fortunate enough to have them passed through the hands of time to her own fingertips.  But as she leaned back gently, she realized her Mother's pearls didn't pass through generations before her, but began with her.  Her Mother's request for a long strand of pearls had only now become a special moment where her Mother actually received a generational symbol of love and she accepted graciously the occasion to create such a beautiful symbol.  With that thought, she knew her and her Mother were like the women who came before them, creating their own tradition through a simple act of love.

I finally caught on to knotting with pearls!  I have made pearl necklaces before, but it was many years ago.  It may not be the traditional way to knot, but I am very pleased with the results.  The knots look pretty good and they are all perfectly next to each pearl.

This is a very long strand, approximately 39 1/2 inches, but I wanted to have the traditional clasp on the necklace anyway.  And the background is a traditional quilt block I made many years ago as well. 

The first necklace was the traditional strand.  I decided to spice this one up with a light blue silk cord.  It is very faint, but the blue knots between the pearls look very contemporary.  And the toggle clasp also gives it that comtemporary look.  Great to wear with a pair of blue jeans!

You may be able to see it a little better here. 

I am one who believes you can wear pearls, preferrably costume, anytime. Thanks to the wisdom of my Mom and her friends.  Truth be told, my Mom found two identical strands at a flea market and wanted them knotted together.  But she didn't go to a jewelry store, she came to me!!  So, after getting halfway the first time and having to start over, (knot too far from pearl) I tryed tryed again.  With each knot came experience and wisdom and even enjoyment (once I got the hang of it)!  The other strand she gave me creative license on!

Thanks Mom for such a learning experience!  I love you!

creating Mother's Pearls on this artist holiday-

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