Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Courageous Art Department

I am branching out and starting something I have thought about doing for a very long time.  Teaching!  And what better time than now and what better beginning lesson than creating your own pantry sketchbooks!  No matter what medium you find yourself in, you always have a sketchbook of some variety.  It may be small or large, just for jotting future ideas down, practicing a specific technique or just doodling.  You may have 1 at a time or several going at once.  Right now, I have about 5 going, if you count my hand-held sketchbook I take with me to museums and my hand-held journal for creative writing.

I had a couple of parents ask me about teaching their children and decided my first class would be with children ages 6-10.  I am so excited to share my creative adventure with kids and hope this is the start of many more classes to come! 

I have titled it The Courageous Art Department!  Why courageous?  I wrote this on the back of the brochure.     

I believe it takes courage to explore, produce and share your art in any capacity, whether young or old.  And it also takes courage to use your talents to better those around you.  Through these classes I hope to show students that the courage comes from within, and sometimes just a little creativity goes a long ways.

Pictures of my brochure are below:

My first brochure!  Art or Bust!  Yeah!!!!

Inside pages including a short bio and class information that I have listed below.


My name is Hannah O. Koch and art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  After engaging in art in high school, I went on to attend East Carolina University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Metal Design (Jewelry).  But it was after college that I truly explored various other mediums and found myself drawn to experimentation and a life-long learner of art.  More recently, I have had artwork accepted and hung in the Visual Art Exchange Gallery, in downtown Raleigh and a few pieces published in the mixed media magazine Cloth Paper Scissors.
Class Info:

As the years have passed, I have accumulated vast knowledge in arenas such as metal, paint, fabric and mixed media.  I have always incorporated recycling in my art processes and artwork.  And now, I would love the opportunity to share my skills and creativity with your child.  My goal is to share some tools in my creative arsenal and encourage their creativity to blossom  I also hope to show how  their small gestures of art can have large impacts.  Each class I teach will be laced with how to be a cheerful giver where they not only have their artwork to take home, but most often have made something to donate to a needy or sick child.

Along with being a skilled artist, I also have experience working in public schools and understand the workings of the classroom environment.  Your child will be engaged in art making at their personal station with the various mediums provided, along with my instruction.  In each class, your child will learn art vocabulary and how to solve aesthetic problems with creative solutions. 

Classes Offered:

Pantry Sketchbooks

In this 3 hour class, students will learn how to use recycling through their art processes and final artwork.  Each student will be making 3 sketchbooks from recycled pantry boxes. 2 sketchbooks for their personal use and 1 to donate to a local children’s charity.  Along side making sketchbooks, students will also make 2-10 artist trading cards, depending on time restraints.  Bottled water and a small token of appreciation will be given to each child.

Why Courageous? on the back cover with my web information.

So there you have it!  My first class date is May 14th.  I will let you know the results!

 expanding my horizon on this artist holiday-



  1. Wonderful, Hannah. What a great way to "branch out"! I'm hoping you will eventually branch out and teach some jewelry classes for adults????

  2. Sounds exciting! good for you. you give me hope. I'm a bit stuck right now. was thinking about putting everything on hold until summer. I have 5 days off for Easter. A good spring clean of my house may unscramble my brain.
    Have a good Easter.. and i can't wait to hear about the first class. where will it be held??