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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Letting Go

I am trying to be better about letting go of my artwork.

They sometimes feel (just a little) like children in the sense that it is hard to accept that I have done all I can do before I send them out into the world!  But letting go is a good thing!  I want to be constantly moving forward and discovering new ideas and possibilities, whether on a canvas or in a piece of jewelry or in a random found object.  Ideas flood my mind everyday, I only hope to have a lifetime to do them all!

Finally, letting go....

an all time favorite painting of mine....

12x12 canvas, acrylic paint.

click on the title to read why this painting is so special to me.

A new set of paintings...

Edges are simply an extension of the front of the canvas!

Abstract Grid

2 8x10 canvases, acrylic paint.

texture and patterns

depth through various layers.

My signature blends in well so these paintings can be hung in any direction.

My most recent painting....

Color Effect

An abstract painting with beautifully rich colors!

My favorite color - chartreuse green!

The color palette also includes; reds, pinks, violets, turquoise blues, whites, and a little orange and black!

I am thrilled with this piece because the texture of the overlapping colors is so cool! 
No two places are exactly the same on this canvas!

A closeup of the organic shapes within organic shapes!

What does it look like to you?

There is no wrong answer here, abstract paintings will look different to everyone.  

I see shells, maybe oyster shells.  It reminds me of the beach...

I used some recycled materials for stamping and also painted around, both inside and outside the shapes for added depth.

Edges, almost as important as the front of the canvas!

These 3 paintings are in need of good homes!
I have listed them for sale in my etsy shop -

It is time...

still growing personally and learning to let go on this artist holiday,

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Creativity Prayer

Porous shells at my fingertips lay gently in their place.
Secured tightly by only Your unwavering grace.

Beads strung and ribbons tied on nicely to add that softer touch.
I pray for continued guidance in my creative endeavors and such.

God, the talents you have given me I want to use up.
Creativity lives in my bones and does fill my cup.

With every twist and turn, every failure and success, I know You are there.
You hear my passion beating and take away what I couldn't possibly bear.

I will continue these dreams each of my remaining days.
I will continue to use materials in recycled ways.

Lord, my prayer is simply to use my hands to create.
And to inspire those who also want things to make.

You hold the key to this seedling in my heart.
You have made the path shown and I will do my part.


A friend of mine was recently showing me how she makes crosses by juxtaposing broken jewelry together!  Loved it!!  It was so inspiring, I wanted to make a cross with shells and wooden beads and whatever else I could find in my studio!  (Thanks K. for showing me your technique!)

Materials used:  steel wire, burlap, found NC shells, various repurposed ribbons, various wood, shell, stone, ceramic, bone, pearl and glass beads, galvanized wire, key, job's tears beads (natural).

I showed the cross to my husband and he asked where I was going to put it.  I told him I wasn't sure yet.  He suggested over our bed.  I just love that guy!

Some detail photos...

a treasure in the center from a dear friend.

the key intertwined with a variety of beads.

love porous shells!  
It's like God has already pre-drilled it for me!

had to get the pearls in there!

specks of color for surprise...

sharing my creativity prayer on this artist holiday,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kindness Chronicles

As we drove past her large, older vehicle, she was nervously talking on her cell phone.  It wouldn't start and she was in the middle of a busy four lane.  Cars were quickly seeing she was stalled and moving around her.  My husband and I weren't sure what to do, but immediately we felt we needed to do something.  We pulled into the closest parking lot to assess the situation, and how he could help her in this potentially dangerous scene.
At one point, she got out and walked to the back of her vehicle for some reason.  My husband, not sure what she was doing, decided at that point to walk through the traffic to try to help her.  He was going to try to push her large SUV over one lane, maybe making it to the side of the road.  When she got into her vehicle to steer, she forgot to put it in neutral.  My husband was going to tell her to change gears.  That was when something awesome happened.  As she was trying to put the vehicle in neutral, for some reason, it started.  Once he and her realized this, he simply told her to go.  She said a quick thank you and off she went.

Would the vehicle have started if she didn't have to put it in neutral?

As he was standing in the back of the vehicle, another vehicle was directly behind him almost the whole time.  Was that vehicle there for his "protection"?  I always look for the Divine in these situations!

**Please note, this was circumstances a mother with her children in the car should not try to tackle.  If it was only me driving with my kids, I would not have done this.  I would have said a prayer for her protection and also prayed for someone who was strong enough to push her out of harm's way.  I felt so compelled to share this because my husband was willing to get out there and push, and the unthinkable happened.  Look for things like that in your random acts, it is the coolest!

Other recent random acts of kindness:

1.  Bought a box of cookies for a friend from their favorite store.
2.  Made a few small lofts of banana bread and gave one to a friend.
3.  Had a friend invite me and pay for my ticket to an event.  (Thanks A.!)
4.  Had a friend call to ride with me to an event and in return she made us a fabulous homemade lunch! (Thanks K.!)
5.  My sister called on a whelm to meet her at a halfway point for lunch.  (Thanks sis!)

Random acts of kindness, in my opinion, are reciprocal!  You are helping someone in need and the warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping is so rewarding.  My friend, Lyric Kinard, along with Jane Fafazio have started the Kindness Chronicles.  Anyone can join!  Simply share your random acts of kindness the first Sunday of every month.  We are sharing not to boast, but to help inspire others with our various ideas!  Click their names to get more details.

sharing the Kindness Chronicles on this artist holiday,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recent Endeavor

A recent endeavor (applying to grad school) had me working away a few months ago.  It was art at the speed of light and it was crazy and cool, little sleep and lots of texture!

I have now come out of it, wiser and with more artwork to my name.  I have not received word yet as to whether I was accepted or not, but at this point it's more about my personal growth and what I learned through the process.  And as I discuss the lessons I have learned through this process, I want to share my work.

A complete application had to include 12 images of your recent work, a statement of purpose or artist statement, 3 letters of recommendation and all the resume stuff.  Many, many thanks to those who wrote letters on my behalf.  It meant such a great deal!

The statement of purpose was such a big undertaking for me.  I have written artist statements in the past, but this endeavor pushed me to write an artist statement where each sentence counted and you had to give a lifetime of experiences and who you are as an artist in one page.  Tough writing, but I was very pleased.

Circa 1982
Acrylic Paint
I may have posted this before, not sure.  But it is a texture and pattern study on 2 8x8 canvases.

Ham and Spinach
Acrylic Paint

An abstract view of ham and spinach.  Whimsical!  Patterns in funky colors - my favorite!

I got my paints out and went to work on what excited me at that time in my studio!  I remember thinking at one point, it was about a product, a piece of art.  Stop thinking, mulling over this or that so much and do it!  Do the work!  I got myself in gear big time!

Locks and Keys

Another abstract painting of pattern and color.  This painting has layers and layers of previous paintings that I didn't like and painted over.

paint atop...

cheesecloth atop...

drawing  and scrap paper atop..

paint atop gesso!

Putting together this portfolio helped me see the common ground in all my art work, from painting to mixed media to jewelry.

Bacon and Eggs

This painting came together very quickly for me.  Not sure why, but I immediately became excited when I painted the large circles and the rest sort of fell into place.  

Every time I see this painting I want to paint more like it!  I loved painting it!

Other work I included... 

Various jewelry pieces
Left to right:  Bangle, 2 brooches and bracelet cuff at the bottom.  

You may have seen some of these pieces before.  I placed them together because they are similar and I thought it was an eye-catching image.

Lost and Found

A wall hanging with enameled metal at the top (orange)and bottom (red).  For those unfamiliar with enamels, it is melting powdered glass on metal.  I learned this technique in undergrad.  I did not use a kiln but an open flame.

I also used techniques I learned years ago to add detail to my collages.  Something I had not thought of doing before, bringing the old to the new!!  

She Found It in a Letter

Another wall hanging.  Each treasure is attached using various techniques and materials.  Another favorite of mine - mixed media.

This application process was serious personal growth for me and I am thankful I grabbed the opportunity, applied myself and took the plunge.  I am not sure what will happen, but I will continue to make my art no matter the results. 

Keep moving upward!  Don't stop!

I am one of those people who doesn't want to get to the end of my life and be full of regrets.  I want to take the opportunities when they come and be stronger when they are no's instead!

sharing personal growth with you on this artist holiday,