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Monday, March 5, 2012

My Creativity Prayer

Porous shells at my fingertips lay gently in their place.
Secured tightly by only Your unwavering grace.

Beads strung and ribbons tied on nicely to add that softer touch.
I pray for continued guidance in my creative endeavors and such.

God, the talents you have given me I want to use up.
Creativity lives in my bones and does fill my cup.

With every twist and turn, every failure and success, I know You are there.
You hear my passion beating and take away what I couldn't possibly bear.

I will continue these dreams each of my remaining days.
I will continue to use materials in recycled ways.

Lord, my prayer is simply to use my hands to create.
And to inspire those who also want things to make.

You hold the key to this seedling in my heart.
You have made the path shown and I will do my part.


A friend of mine was recently showing me how she makes crosses by juxtaposing broken jewelry together!  Loved it!!  It was so inspiring, I wanted to make a cross with shells and wooden beads and whatever else I could find in my studio!  (Thanks K. for showing me your technique!)

Materials used:  steel wire, burlap, found NC shells, various repurposed ribbons, various wood, shell, stone, ceramic, bone, pearl and glass beads, galvanized wire, key, job's tears beads (natural).

I showed the cross to my husband and he asked where I was going to put it.  I told him I wasn't sure yet.  He suggested over our bed.  I just love that guy!

Some detail photos...

a treasure in the center from a dear friend.

the key intertwined with a variety of beads.

love porous shells!  
It's like God has already pre-drilled it for me!

had to get the pearls in there!

specks of color for surprise...

sharing my creativity prayer on this artist holiday,

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