Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, March 9, 2012

Letting Go

I am trying to be better about letting go of my artwork.

They sometimes feel (just a little) like children in the sense that it is hard to accept that I have done all I can do before I send them out into the world!  But letting go is a good thing!  I want to be constantly moving forward and discovering new ideas and possibilities, whether on a canvas or in a piece of jewelry or in a random found object.  Ideas flood my mind everyday, I only hope to have a lifetime to do them all!

Finally, letting go....

an all time favorite painting of mine....

12x12 canvas, acrylic paint.

click on the title to read why this painting is so special to me.

A new set of paintings...

Edges are simply an extension of the front of the canvas!

Abstract Grid

2 8x10 canvases, acrylic paint.

texture and patterns

depth through various layers.

My signature blends in well so these paintings can be hung in any direction.

My most recent painting....

Color Effect

An abstract painting with beautifully rich colors!

My favorite color - chartreuse green!

The color palette also includes; reds, pinks, violets, turquoise blues, whites, and a little orange and black!

I am thrilled with this piece because the texture of the overlapping colors is so cool! 
No two places are exactly the same on this canvas!

A closeup of the organic shapes within organic shapes!

What does it look like to you?

There is no wrong answer here, abstract paintings will look different to everyone.  

I see shells, maybe oyster shells.  It reminds me of the beach...

I used some recycled materials for stamping and also painted around, both inside and outside the shapes for added depth.

Edges, almost as important as the front of the canvas!

These 3 paintings are in need of good homes!
I have listed them for sale in my etsy shop -

It is time...

still growing personally and learning to let go on this artist holiday,


  1. Hi Hannah!
    I've not been online of late. First your painting, what does it look like? Cookie Monster googlly eyes...probably because i know you use your kids things sometimes in your art work and we just watched a documentary on the man who is Elmo.
    I needed to read your last two posts. The prayer and cross are beautiful. Your act of kindness...well I have had the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other all week. Art show opening tonight. I have a feeling it's going to upset me. The center holding the show is about 20 years behind the times. I know what they are but I still chose to enter. so it's my choice, suck it up. If it wasn't an Environmental show I would have skipped it. After two trips the center to talk to them about my pieces, tonight I want to walk in and take them out and as I leave either putting a big L on my forehead aimed at the members or the middle finger. Artist tantrum. But thats not polite or adult...or Christain. So my husband is going with me..I'll be on my best behavior. Today my prayer is for God to help me be thankful for the opportunity and let me be wronge about the show being a waste of time. Also thinking about the article in CPS pg. 27..showing up with an empty cup (so good!) I'll also have my camera with me...to document why they tick me off! Dang devil on the shoulder won't leave. Pray for me...a lot!

    P.S. so how do you deal with people who don't get your art? I understand that not everyone will like what i make. But I don't understand how they don't seem to get my art that is a conversation about an environmental issue being shown at an environmental art show.

  2. It is hard letting go, and it is usually work which one has some kind of special feeling for, which other people also get and want to acquire.
    Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck with your endeavours.