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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recent Endeavor

A recent endeavor (applying to grad school) had me working away a few months ago.  It was art at the speed of light and it was crazy and cool, little sleep and lots of texture!

I have now come out of it, wiser and with more artwork to my name.  I have not received word yet as to whether I was accepted or not, but at this point it's more about my personal growth and what I learned through the process.  And as I discuss the lessons I have learned through this process, I want to share my work.

A complete application had to include 12 images of your recent work, a statement of purpose or artist statement, 3 letters of recommendation and all the resume stuff.  Many, many thanks to those who wrote letters on my behalf.  It meant such a great deal!

The statement of purpose was such a big undertaking for me.  I have written artist statements in the past, but this endeavor pushed me to write an artist statement where each sentence counted and you had to give a lifetime of experiences and who you are as an artist in one page.  Tough writing, but I was very pleased.

Circa 1982
Acrylic Paint
I may have posted this before, not sure.  But it is a texture and pattern study on 2 8x8 canvases.

Ham and Spinach
Acrylic Paint

An abstract view of ham and spinach.  Whimsical!  Patterns in funky colors - my favorite!

I got my paints out and went to work on what excited me at that time in my studio!  I remember thinking at one point, it was about a product, a piece of art.  Stop thinking, mulling over this or that so much and do it!  Do the work!  I got myself in gear big time!

Locks and Keys

Another abstract painting of pattern and color.  This painting has layers and layers of previous paintings that I didn't like and painted over.

paint atop...

cheesecloth atop...

drawing  and scrap paper atop..

paint atop gesso!

Putting together this portfolio helped me see the common ground in all my art work, from painting to mixed media to jewelry.

Bacon and Eggs

This painting came together very quickly for me.  Not sure why, but I immediately became excited when I painted the large circles and the rest sort of fell into place.  

Every time I see this painting I want to paint more like it!  I loved painting it!

Other work I included... 

Various jewelry pieces
Left to right:  Bangle, 2 brooches and bracelet cuff at the bottom.  

You may have seen some of these pieces before.  I placed them together because they are similar and I thought it was an eye-catching image.

Lost and Found

A wall hanging with enameled metal at the top (orange)and bottom (red).  For those unfamiliar with enamels, it is melting powdered glass on metal.  I learned this technique in undergrad.  I did not use a kiln but an open flame.

I also used techniques I learned years ago to add detail to my collages.  Something I had not thought of doing before, bringing the old to the new!!  

She Found It in a Letter

Another wall hanging.  Each treasure is attached using various techniques and materials.  Another favorite of mine - mixed media.

This application process was serious personal growth for me and I am thankful I grabbed the opportunity, applied myself and took the plunge.  I am not sure what will happen, but I will continue to make my art no matter the results. 

Keep moving upward!  Don't stop!

I am one of those people who doesn't want to get to the end of my life and be full of regrets.  I want to take the opportunities when they come and be stronger when they are no's instead!

sharing personal growth with you on this artist holiday,

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