Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Becoming One

She could barely get the paint on the canvas quick enough.  She couldn't believe it has been years since she had touched a brush to canvas.  It felt so natural and with that first stroke, it all came back to her so abundantly and so quickly.  She could barely catch her breathe.  The pushing of this buttery paste made her well up and realize she did have time for this in her life.  She would make time for such a release unlike any other medium she has worked with.  It was time to include brush and canvas in her arsenal once again.  She knew her paint visions could be unraveled with each new canvas and her creative energy released in a whole other way.  It was just the beginning....

Becoming One
Charcoal, Acrylic Paint 12x12

This painting was recently accepted into the Squared2 Exhibit at the Visual Art Exchange Gallery in downtown Raleigh!  The call for artists listed that squares should be a dominate component in this show.  

This is just what I needed to propel me into 2011,  the Artist Year I shall call it! 

Trying to start on the right note this artist holiday, hoping you are too!




  1. way to go! love the colors. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Yes, great pallet! And my mother ,an artist, would always say the same thing when she'd sellcacpainting, that it was having to let go of her children. Beautiful work.