Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, December 31, 2010

All Things Anew

And just like that the year is through,
It's on to a fresh start and all things anew!

Our clothes and shoes will probably be the same
That doesn't matter really, it's what inside that will change.

We will get older and maybe grow taller or some may shrink
No matter which way we expand, it's creativity we should seek!

The Year of the Artist I claim this to be
So get ready and buckle up for the fun ride you'll see!

My dreams are to big for this very short read,
Just know, I am going to push myself harder and my creative muse must lead.

I dare not try to hold her back,
She is strong and stubborn and gives no slack!

Yes, late nights are in my future for this new year,
I will walk tall and proud and carry no fear.

So, come with me I say to each artist in you,
Make this an exciting year, one that you never knew!

To a memorable year of artist holidays!

Cheers and Happy New Year-

1 comment:

  1. Amen & Amen!
    Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in 2011.

    PS I have a new online sketchbook badge on my blog, it's monthly posts, they give you a theme each month. something you might wany to try??