Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, December 13, 2010

Never Find the Key

I pray for peace to come sit with me,
and tell me what will be.

I pray for peace to come stand by me,
and show me how to see.

I pray for peace to come walk with me,
and listen to the trees.

I pray for peace to come run with me,
and let the doves be free.

I pray for peace to come fly with me,
and soar so gracefully.

I pray for peace to come dive with me,
and live among the seas.

I pray for peace to come dwell in me,
and never find the key.


This is a wall hanging made by Carolyn Hyland.  I received this piece during the "Winter Holiday Gift Swap" reader challenge published in latest issue of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors.  Carolyn was published in the same article!  Congratulations to her!!!

I am thrilled to say that through this swap, I have been able to get to know the person who received my winter holiday gift (Jill) and the person whose winter holiday gift I received (Carolyn)!  Both are great ladies that I am excited to call my newest art friends!  Thanks to you both.

See http://artistholiday.blogspot.com/2010/11/confidence-booster.html for further photos of the article.

Praying for peace to come from within on this artist holiday-

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  1. so glad she got in contact with you. nice words and great wall hanging. no word from the person who got my wall hanging.