Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Texture Tuesday

Happy 2012!

I wanted to start this new year with texture!  Texture is an element of art that is crucial to my work.  Whether I am making a low-relief wall hanging, painting or jewelry - texture always seems to be there.  Sometimes only the appearance of texture is there, but can take an artwork out of the realms of flatness to legions of depth.

I am always looking for texture or it is always finding me!  Either way, I see and usually try to capture it with my camera.  I want to start sharing my texture shots with you more regularly.  

I hope you find them as inspirational as I do...

Can you guess what this is?

I am a big fan of circles, which is what immediately caught my attention when I saw this.  Then having a closer look, seeing the velvety texture and the organic nature of the circles, a photo was a must.

  It is a cup of hot chocolate!  I was about to drink it down when the surface caught my eye!

What could I do with this, you ask?

Many things come to mind, however, I most enjoy thinking about how I could translate the circle pattern into a painting.  Large circles with tiny circles around them.  The creamy brown color I also enjoy.  The almost marble-like effect is another point I will want to remember.  These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my mind when I saw this.

There are several reasons why I want to share these photos with you;

1.  A visual record for my (and maybe your) reference
2.  Sharing with you how I see the world around me.
3.  Sharing how I could translate these bits of inspiration into artwork.
4.  Honing in on my writing skills.

Here's to an even bigger, bolder and more artistically driven year on this artist holiday-


  1. Hmmm! Makes me want a cup of hot chocolate.. I wonder how I can get on e??? The circles would make a great quilting pattern also.

  2. We are twins. I have been taking pictures of texture. I hope to learn how to use layers in photoshop. In a hotel room i took pics of the carpet, curtain folds and funky light fixtures.
    The other day it was a stone wall.
    great minds think alike!
    I think your post can help people jumpstart their creativity. magazine artical idea???
    have a great day,