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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poconos Texture Tuesday

On a recent brisk walk in the beautifully cold state of Pennsylvania I captured some beautiful natural growing textures!  My in-laws live in the Poconos, a mountainous chain of hardy woods, beautiful rocks, flowing streams, cascading waterfalls and roads so curvy I get car sick about every time I visit!

These next photos are some of what I captured when walking on their property.  It may look dormant, yet with a closer eye, you can see many things are still very much alive and growing.  I hope you enjoy these textures as much as I do..

Tree Bark

I just love this photo!  It could be so many other things.  A view high from an airplane, eroded concrete, ocean coral, a microscopic view of an intricate organism....

Weathered Tree Sculpture

How beautiful to come across a broken tree that looks like something you would find in a museum.

The beautifully colored exposed wood in such a flowing curve.  The copper colors and beautiful greenish-blue patinas I see make this dead tree even more elegant.  It reminds me of something.....

Monekana by Deborah Butterfield
Smithsonian American Art Museum

I saw this over the summer in Washington, DC (one of my most favorite cities).  It looks like driftwood arranged to resemble a horse.  What is amazing is that the artist made this "driftwood" sculpture out of bronze.

Please check out this link to view a much better photo of this beautiful sculpture.

As we are walking I noticed moss growing just about everywhere!  The rocks that are protruding out of the earth are gorgeous with their grand scale, stunning grays, spectacular lines throughout and various colors of moss atop.

Another protruding rock almost completely covered in a moss that looked more like a miniature fern.  Beautiful coloring as well.

This is a closeup of the fern-like moss.  Another photo where it could look like something entirely different. I see ocean coral again.

I felt very proud to take this photo, because my 8 year old pointed out the circle in the rock to me and commented how cool that was.  So exciting to realize she is aware of her surroundings and takes notice of the small things.

More beautiful ochre, yellow, brown and green moss coloring.

I especially liked how there were areas where varieties of moss grow together.  Different color greens atop lovely grays.

enjoying the humble surroundings on this artist holiday,

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