Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Drink Tray

It all started when...

I had the idea to paint a drink tray.

Remember -


I got the call - to be the new art teacher at 
Glendale-Kenly Elementary School!

Trying to add some color and decoration to my room,
I brought in my painted drink tray, hung it on the wall and presented this everyday object as a work of art.

I shared it with the students...

Some knew what it was right away,
others were surprised!

Many, MANY students wanted to do one themselves.
When they expressed an interest, I simply said...

"Well, you will have to bring me drink trays then.  
I need quite a few for everyone to participate."

It caught on quickly!  
Students have been bringing me drink trays since August-
And still are!

 Then I had to promise that BOTH the 4th AND 5th graders were going to do it.

And here are the results from the 5th graders-
(4th graders - you will do it soon!)

They worked SO hard to get them all finished.

What a display it makes!
Take a look-

I wanted to display them in a variety of patterns and designs.

I emphasized the importance of pattern in this project.  And what you do in one quarter of the tray needs to be repeated 3 times.

I love all the unusual interesting tidbits that come out of doing a project like this.
For example, did you know that not all drink trays are created equal?
Different styles, different center areas, some have less grooves and some are much more shallow than others.

I have at least 4 different patterns and styles in my collection.

The wave, the swirl, whatever you call it -


I LOVE taking a student's individual art project and creating an installation.

Each student's project is paramont to the stability of the entire piece.

My fast paced students were able to paint a second tray a solid color to create a uniforming center.

Take a look at what steady hands can do!

Turning the tray on point may be my favorite.

I am so proud of my students!

Sharing just a small glimple of the wide open creativity and 
determination that can really change the world
on this artist holiday,