Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Paper Snowflakes

There is something about a paper snowflake...

I love.

The delicate pattern, the excitement of opening the folds, 

or maybe just...

the beauty that comes from using simplistic materials like paper and scissors.

They make quite a statement!

No two are alike...
even with the same directions!

My second graders have been working really hard practicing their cutting skills 
and learning the patterned effects their cuts can have on the paper.

I told them to bring patience to class...

and they did.  They loved it!

I am learning some of the best compliments is when
 the students come back to my class and inform me that
they have been doing our projects at home.

The Creative Zone got about 2 inches this week!

Thanks to my students for providing inspiring artwork I can admire all throughout the day!

learning that simple ideas always win and patience can really pay off on this artist holiday,

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