Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Opp

My husband and I were able to make a "date night" for the opening reception of Squared2 at Visual Art Exchange Gallery in dowtown Raleigh.  It is such a nice show and a delightful evening!  He even convinced me to get in the picture this time!!  I didn't place, but a photo of my piece is on the website as a representation of the show!  So, in my mind, I received the internet award!  hahaha

The beginning of the year has been hectic already!  But every now and then, I hope we can sit back, relax and enjoy our self-made artist holidays! 


1 comment:

  1. So glad you took a picture. I would keep in my purse and when I see people I know out and about....they always ask "whats new with you?" thats when you pull out the picture...maybe even a slip of paper with the web site???
    what can I say, I live in a small town...need to create a buzz sometimes. Plus it's winter, people need something to talk about besides the snow. You have to make your own fun!
    Art Show opening....so dang exciting! AND date night!
    Good for you!
    Have a good day!