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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rejections 2010

There comes a time when rejections are simply part of life and certainly part of my artistic path!  Boy, that statement took a WHOLE lot longer to accept than to just spit it out right here!  But, in order to grow personally, I want to show my previous year's rejections whether it be from a magazine or a local gallery.  With each rejection I find it strenghtens me as an artist and toughens my porcelain skin!  Looking back, I can see why just about all of them should have been rejected but where these art pieces take me is the real fun!

So, without further ado, here are Hannah Koch's 2010 rejections:

"For Button's Sake"

A mixed media piece with a shadow box frame.  Looking at this piece, I see two different elements fighting each other, therefore it feels incomplete.  It needs something else....

I made these art pieces that were rejected, but the real winner is how I solved some aesthetic issues I faced in trying to bring these ideas from my mind to a tangible object!

This is a bangle titled "Shades of Gray" and currently my avatar.

Earrings titled "Hardware Glam"
After working on these earrings, I had a better understanding of weaving with metal objects and how to look at industrial objects with a different and keen eye.  (These are hardware store steel washers).

A necklace titled "Midnight Sampler".  Literally a sampler of various techniques and metals into one necklace.  It was a lot of fun to put together.  And through these 3 jewelry pieces I realized how much I love the color gray.

A mixed media piece titled "The Good Road State".  I learned how to appreciate orange, it's unique presence and experimented with layering of tissue paper, pens and acrylic paints.

"Enter at Own Risk" is the title of this mixed media piece.  I learned a lot about taking better photos since I took this one, yet I still have a lot more learning to do on better shots! 

There I did it!  I shared some good and ugly art with you that I created!  I am not sure how I should feel right now.... maybe relief or freedom.  But really it's the lessons I taught myself through each trial and error that makes rejection not all that bad of a thing anymore.... to me.  (well...almost) With each rejection comes a stronger art piece behind it!

Until the next rejection, I'll be hanging here having my own artist holiday-

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  1. when one is an artist you have to be brave. putting yourself out there leaves you open to bumps and bruises...and if your open---a learning opportunity. I guess the key is not to give up. And if those are your rejections, you are a lucky woman, nice pieces!