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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sketch-In Sketches

Here are the sketches made during the Sketch-In on Saturday...

Henry Spencer Moore
Large Standing Figure:  Knife Edge

This was the starting point, a semi-blind contour of sculpture above.  Not just any contour drawing, but as Lyric describes here , imagine your pencil touching the edge of your subject and not the paper.

I tried again, focusing on the top more.  The background is just simply a sketch.

Alexander Archipenko
Blue Dancer
cast after 1961

The blue was so attractive.  This figure was abstract and realism together.  The hands and feet were squared off, while the torso was free-flowing curves and voluptuousness.  Just beautiful!


The foot stuck out, in a good way!  I had to draw it! 

I sketched it pretty quickly.  Maybe a little off on the angle.

Next, was another exercise prompted by Lyric.  Drawing quick gestures in the Rodin section.  Gesture drawing is quick, just capturing the essence of the subject.  Maybe a few angles that stand out and other prominent lines.  As Lyric described; imagine if you saw the subject are drawing for 2 minutes and then it was taken away.  You need reference points to continue the drawing and those can be captured in a gesture drawing.

Below are some of those gestures...

Monumental Torso of the Walking Man and The Prayer


The Thinker and I am Beautiful

getting back to the basics on this artist holiday,

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