Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cant Resist This

The Sketchbook Challenge theme this month is "Can't Resist This".  As with each month thus far, I think and dwell and dig deep to interpret the theme.  Then I tell myself it is going in a sketchbook and to "get to it"!

Can't resist this:  Abstract

closeups of abstract
Materials used:  acrylic paints, china marker

Abstract or non-objective; I can not resist how aesthetically pleasing an abstract artwork is to my eye!

My other page I took photos of in stages of completion.

Can't resist this:  Nature

Materials used:  colored pencils, acrylic paints, black sharpie, china marker

I found this beautiful moth in my driveway this morning.  At first it looked like a dead leaf, but I had to get a closer look.  Not sure the cause of death.  But I immediately felt an urge to do an interpretation of it in my sketchbook for the challenge.

Here are photos of the moth...

His eyes were very striking to me.  Dark and beady.  And those amazing antennas!

unable to resist my creativity on this artist holiday,


  1. Hi, I've landed here by way of Jill's blog, and I love the abstract pen design as well! The moth is pretty amazing too! You must have a lot of patience to go the distance with drawing it...you did a great job.

  2. I love how you shared the stages of your drawing and what attracted you to the moth. Your sketch came out great!

    P.S. We are facebook friends via Tanya:)