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Monday, May 2, 2011


hosted by Lyric Kinard 
Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was a wonderful day!  My 7 year old, Roz, was excited to come with me!
Here we are on that beautiful morning, beginning with an exercise of semi-blind contour drawings as directed by Lyric.  Something to get our juices flowing. Such curves and points on this sculpture, quite impressive work by Henry Spencer Moore.
thanks Lyric for taking the picture!

Another angle of the sculpture as we sketch.  
thanks again Lyric for taking awesome photos of us!

After the initial exercise, we split up and went to various parts of the museum to sketch to our liking.  But there was so much work, I got a little caught up viewing.  This was one of those pieces that blew me away!  Just a stunning piece, so large!  
This work was created by El Anatsui in 2008.  Titled Lines that Link Humanity.  It was made of discarded aluminum and copper wire.
that's Roz standing in front of it!

A closeup.

I did get with it and started sketching.  Those photos coming soon.  But later we met back up with the group and did some gesture drawings of Rodin sculptures.  Such a great time!  

After the sketch-in event, Roz and I had a picnic lunch under some pine trees overlooking the 164 acre Museum Park.  Then we headed back inside to see more artwork and sketch just a little more.  The Museum was having Egypt Day as well and she was able to participate in that afterwards.  She wrote her name in hieroglyphics, made a necklace with a copper etching, played with clay and did an archaeological dig!  Tons of fun for a 7 year old!

When I normally go to museums or galleries I take a small sketchbook with me and make notes or quick drawings.  Just something to remember for later.  So, I have never done anything quite like this and I must say, it was fantastic!  Thanks to Lyric and all who came to make it such a fun event.  Thanks to the NC Museum of Art for providing inspiration so close to home.

happy with my surroundings on this artist holiday,


  1. Thanks for the great blog about our day at the museum. What a great place to spend a day with Roz. I was in total awe of the facility. Norm and I returned later in the day, and he got some great photos of the lilies blooming in the lily pond. I'm hoping to paint them eventually. We plan to go back there often. Really enjoyed the sketching also!

  2. looked like fun. can't wait to see your sketches and other work that is inspired by your day out.