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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beet Time

         I never know when my art genie lamp has been rubbed and out she comes to grant 3 wishes.  Take for example the other day when I received my box of fresh produce at my doorstep.  (Yes, a local farm here delivers me a delicious box of fresh veggies every week!)  I love it!  But, sometimes that box contains vegetables I am not as familiar with cooking and beets were one of those veggies!  So, the art genie granted me wishes of art time with beautifully colored vegetables, paper and fabric.

I knew beets would have a strong color, but I didn't know how luscious and captivating it was.  So, I just started cutting slices and pressing firmly into the paper.

The stems and leaves were very striking.  Such a vivid heather green with veins a sultry dark magenta.

Coming soon to my sketchbook; heather green and dark magenta. 
 A whirlwind of a color combination!

I also dyed some PFD fabric to see how the beet color looked on the fabric.  I didn't let in soak too long and it became a faint rose pink.  Still beautiful!   

prints on paper

more prints on paper

Print and slice.  Print and slice.  The magenta juice resting on the knife's edge was scraped carefully onto the stained paper, saving all she could.  She wanted to study this color more and more.  It was true, she just found another color she couldn't live without. 

getting back to my roots on this artist holiday-

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