Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Purest of Creativity

As she stared at her daughter's drawing, she knew that she was looking at the purest of creativity.  None of society's views had penetrated her daughter's way of drawing or her way of thinking, just yet.  There was a rawness, almost uncaptured naivety, she saw and wanted desperately to get back in her own artwork.  She feared that it was never possible, she had already been formally trained to see the opposite of what she viewed now.  Her only hope, at this point, was to always cherish the drawings her daughter created.  Deep down, she knew that one day, her daughter would be looking at her own child's drawings, realizing the very thing her Mother once saw in her.

I see line, movement, harmony, proportion, color, shape and space surrounding the 2 triangular forms.

The interesting color combination of orange and pink caught my eye.  The circles within circles has always been a design I lean on.  The overlapping ends and unfinished circles are raw.  She's not trying to make the perfect circle.

I just enjoy the organic feel of these ladders with what we see as crooked and broken steps.  Again, overlapping lines, repetition, length, slow curves.  Very simple ideas to transfer into my own artwork.

Please do not mistake me thinking I have the next Picasso here.  I enjoy taking my child's artwork and breaking it down.  It keeps me fresh and the basics in front of me at all times. 

Hope you are enjoying an artistic holiday in some way.....

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