Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An American Road

Cracking a smile, I’m just driving along
got my kids in the back, relaxing, hearing their favorite song.

Cozy in my ride on the outskirts of town
this American road is humming with a patriotic sound.

Gently I turn the wheel for the curve up ahead
next I know to press the brake, the stop sign says red.

Passing the mailboxes of so many homes and fields of plenty.
That ditch may have been recently dug out, it looks fairly empty.

The kudzu is dying down right over there.
Wait, was that a deer in the field, eating the farmer’s share?

Now the used car lot on that corner typically thrives
and last week that produce stand sold me a bunch of tomatoes for two fives.

Have you noticed the utility poles or do you think they are unsightly for your ride?
I am thankful for the electricity they bring me and not having to solely depend on my own hide!

Those hay bales are as pretty as a picture over that sloping hill.
Now we are dipping down gently, on highway forty-two still.

Up next, my favorite part, the reason we can drive any gas grade.
No, not the gas station, that’s just where it is proudly displayed.

The American flag, so large, so beautiful, simply rippling in the wind.
My heart beams with pride and what this flag stands for, I will forever defend.

Yeah, this American road is here, but it is where you are too and all in between.
So take a drive, take it all in, and really see what you’ve never seen.

my country, my love on this "patri-artist" holiday-

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  1. nice peek into your life...fun.
    my world is covered in snow which is okay..it's the cold I can do without.