Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, November 5, 2010

Confidence Booster

This confidence booster began back in July when I made a fabric ornament with metal wire and small blue beads to submit to the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge “Winter Holiday Gift Swap”.  I like to think of reader challenges as something one of my art professors would have asked me to do in a college setting!  They get my creative juices flowing and whether I get the lucky chance of being published or not, my ideas usually spiral into other things I create.  So, without further ado, November/December Issue 33, page 78 (8 pages closer to the cover than the last publication!) J

And Jill Eudaly at http://www.jeudaly.blogspot.com/ (her blog; Recycled Daze) received my ornament!  Her beautiful shimmering and festive wall hanging was also published in the same article!  Congratulations Jill!

Cloth Paper Scissors is a collage and mixed media magazine. 

This really is an artist holiday!!! 


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  1. Sooooo proud of you Hannah! Fabulous photo of your ornament, it looks awesome! You are on a roll, two publications, who knows what's next?! Keep up the great work and thanks for always inspiring me!