Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, November 15, 2010

An Artist Dream

I dream an artist dream today
probably not one you would think of right away.

It’s one of those dreams when you are awake
and this one in particular is just for art’s sake.

In my studio is where I begin
everything is thrown about, not tidy in its’ bin.

Such a wreck, such a whirlwind in my room
but such beauty does it show, nothing like a tomb.

For all this chaos does have a purpose and a plan
art projects have been created, millions by my hand.

The elements of art and principles of design
are shown divinely in every piece and every medium of its kind.

In just this one day I had experimented with all media to date
mastered every technique and every artwork mastered was my fate.

Then, I invented new techniques and new designs
nothing ever seen before, new everything, new lines.

All my work published made history in its sales
I would have to hire ten assistants to read all my fan mail.

No, I would read each piece myself with a tear in my eye
taking it all in, hoping each person was as happy as I.

In this art utopia I would live lively and free
sharing my experiences and knowledge to truly complete me.

After all, this is just an artist dream worthy to share
with all my family, friends and artists everywhere.


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