Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Photographic Proof

With my 2 year old in tow (babysitter busy) I decided to go to Lyric Kinard's lecture this morning at the Cary Public Library.  With the risk of meltdowns and tantrums, my only goals were to buy her book and introduce myself.  And maybe catch some of her lecture.  In case you are not familiar with her work, she is an award-winning quilt artist and the author of:
 Art + Quilt Design Principles and Creativity Exercises. 

Goals achieved!!!  She was soooo nice and friendly and thought my 2 year did quite well!  What I was able to hear of her lecture (I was just outside the lecture hall in the children's section for parts) was very inspirational, fun and lively.  I purchased her book and she was kind enough to sign it while my daughter was cligging to my shoulder.  I didn't have my camera in my hand, it was in my bag and my daughter was starting to melt, people all around; it just didn't work to get that photographic proof!  But I did make her a small pantry sketchbook (that she liked!) and yes I also forgot to take a picture of before we left.  So, I only have proof that she signed my copy of her book, see photo below. 

It may have not gone exactly as I planned, but I got to go and introduce myself, get her book and meet a very talented artist.  This made my week!  Thank you Mrs. Kinard!

meeting and greeting on this artist holiday-


  1. good for you! you are brave traveling with a two year old...my hero! Eva is going to an art show with me Friday night. she has a camera and our video recorder (can't think of the name)ready to go. she is 9, so it will get better..the dragging kids along stuff.

  2. I did the art institute in Chicago with two 6yr olds and two 4yr olds once. They had a little rope to hang on to and we played gallery games. They had to look for a minute at the piece then turn around while I asked things like "what color shoes is she wearing?" "What kind of animal is under the umbrella?" Then we played the alphabet game - find something that starts with the letter A, B etc. Fun. For a while.

    The little one was fine - mine would have been running circles. She was tired and bored, but not loud.

    I agree with Jill - good for you! And it DOES get easier.