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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of place

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Not too very long ago, a friend of mine gave me a pack of watercolor postcards and I decided to just have some fun with them.  I felt this one was the best and it became the thank you card I sent to her. 
Thanks Linda!

postcard size
watercolors and sharpies

another one.... postcard size
watercolors, sharpies, colored pencils and pastels

Which reminded me of these ATC's I sent to another friend of mine a while back.  These are very non-objective.  It was more about playing with line and trying to create a texture and depth.

ATC size
watercolors, colored pencils and black pen

And that brings us to this out of place piece.  I have been researching some on one of my favorite old masters Piet Mondrian, so maybe that explains the urge to get my pastels out and create something that does not involve circles!  I survived it, without making circles, that is!

Cardstock paper, pastels
It was really a quick sketch...

Slowly, I am learning to play and experiment more again.  I think the sketchbook challenge has helped some with that.

not all circles on this artist holiday-

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  1. I think your friend will love the postcard. Thanks for all the color on this rainy muddy day.