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Friday, March 18, 2011


I was able to attend my first sketch-in this morning put on by Mrs. Lyric Kinard!  Among many things, she is a contributing artist for the Sketchbook Challenge that I have joined this year.  Check out her site for lots of juicy tidbits, tutorials, her book and lots of beautiful artwork. 

She hosted this sketch-in and I had a fabulous time!

Lyric suggested we started with an exercise, a blind contour of our hand.  Now, I haven't tryed a blind contour in a very long time and I just LOVE my results!  It was such fun!!!

Blind contours are drawing an object by not looking at your page at all and not lifting your pencil, until you are finished.

It was anything goes after that and I had brought some photos for inspiration and other ideas I was ready to try out. 

This colorful crabby for example...
I took a picture of my children's toy crabby and played with the tint and saturation until I got really vibrant colors.  The photo is at the top right corner of this photo.

Here's Lyric and Mary!  Mary is expanding her creative arsenal to include drawing and what better way than with Mrs. Lyric. 

Here I am working away on my deliciously colorful crabby.  And you may be wondering how it ties in with this month's sketchbook challenge theme - spilling over?  Well, my children's toys are spilling over into my artwork, of course.

Thanks to Lyric for hosting this creative sketch-in!  It was great talking with you and Mary and sharing our creative ideas together!

sketch-in, sketch-out and in-between on this artist holiday-

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