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Monday, November 26, 2012

Coloring Book Creation

Create a coloring book...

As craft consultant for Wednesday nights at my local church, I have been planning and designing craft time for the preschool class.

As I have also experienced a classroom setting, I know how much children enjoy the simple act of coloring.  With that thought in mind and a little planning, I created a coloring book specific to the curriculum they were to teach.

A stack of coloring books I created for the preschool class at church.

How to begin...

This is the front cover I created for this preschool coloring book.  

"Stories of Jesus" was the title of the curriculum we followed for this set of classes.  I wanted a simple design with a flair for silliness.

Materials used - colored pencils and markers.

Our Children's Minister made color copies of the front cover.

I made copies of the coloring pages provided from the curriculum book as the insert pages.  I created 15 coloring books to use for 8 weeks.

We use report covers with the clear fronts as the binders to hold the books together.  I also added a blank sheet of paper in between each coloring page to add more space for the children to draw and color as they wished.

After having the pages in correct order, I hold punched the packet of pages and inserted them into the report covers.


A coloring book ready for those little fingers to color!

This alleviates the teachers having to make copies every week!  Simply store your coloring books to use each week and then allow the children to take them home at the end of the curriculum.

There were some lessons that a coloring page was not provided.  I drew simple shapes to correlate with that week's lesson.

Below is the only coloring page I needed to create for this coloring book.  The other pages are part of the curriculum and cannot shared due to copyright infringement.

This is a coloring page I created for the star lesson.
Feel free to print this for your preschool needs too!

Quick Glance Instructions:
  • Create front cover
  • Make copies of front cover and each page needed to create coloring book 
  • Add blank pages if desired between coloring pages
  • Once in proper order, hole punch all pages
  • Insert each packet of pages into report cover

The children enjoy coloring and this is a cost effective way of creating a special coloring book.  It also makes something simple - the act of coloring- into a wonderful cherished event.

Thanks to the wonderful Ladies I work with for your support as I experiment and push ideas to new heights!

thinking outside the lines on this artist holiday,


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  1. So clever! Very well thought out and it looks great. Your church must thank God every day for you!