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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Kindness Chronicles

Pantry of Positives

You may have cans of corn, peas and sauerkraut,
but a pantry full of positives is what it is all about.

I'm sure you're stocked up on service, love and gratitude.
By sharing these traits, you'll surely change any mood.

So as we enjoy this Christmas season
We must remember showing compassion needs no reason.

Sketchbook page

Materials used:  pencils, acrylic paint, black pens,


Harmony, Faith, Grace, Service and Hope,

Peas of Peace, Boost of Confidence and 
The Love Can!

Instead of receiving Christmas gifts this year, I am asking for canned food for my local food pantry, C.A.M.  I am trying to collect 100 cans!  If you do not live in my area, but would like to donate, please share with  your local food pantry and tell me about it!

So far....

a friend donated 60 cans to her church!!!  Wow!

Please leave me a comment and I will add your donated cans to my total-
Merry Christmas to all!!!

sharing canned food and my pantry of positives on this artist holiday,

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