Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Manipulation and Inspiration

Here are other photos I took (around my house and in my yard), manipulated and printed out to bring for inspiration at the Sketch-In.  I just couldn't decide to go with toys or nature???  But in the end, I guess I really chose both by choosing Happy Crabby!

An orange butterfly net on a blue sleeping bag.  (Complementary Colors, pattern, line)

Broken sticks and twigs laying on the ground.  (Texture, pattern, highlights, purity of nature)

Lime green leapfrog pad and hot pink princess blanket.  I have 2 princesses!! (Complementary colors again, pattern, shape)

Tree Trunk, which takes on a human form to me (Texture, shape, line, balance)

Green bush, but I didn't notice the circle in the middle until I manipulated it (Texture, pattern, unity, space)

Trying to find the extraordinary in the ordinary on this artist holiday,


  1. You have my brain turning. I needed a new direction of thinking. cabin fever is getting bad. we still have cold gloomy weather. people are ready to snap!

  2. a really inspirational way of looking at the world around you.. love the textures especially ~Fiona