Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Summer Pictures

My summer travels did not take me around the world or even around the country but I did get out none the less and enjoyed the patterns and textures all around me!  Her are just a few...

Avon, NC

nothing like a beautiful wave

colorful sunfish sailboat out just a bit

nice fire on the beach

kids looking for sand crabs with flashlights

My Aunt Rosie's shell garden

a shell waiting just for me on my morning run

had to be quickly sketched!

Washington, DC

The beautiful ceiling at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

A favorite artist of mine - Wayne Thiebaud
Jack Pot Machine

just stunning in person

Lloyd G. Schermer
An American Puzzle

hard to say good bye to such a fun summer!

trying to catch the last rays of summer on this artist holiday,


  1. I wish I could have spent some beach time with you in Avon!! Nice pictures, these are taken with your Droid?

  2. Me too!!! Thanks - yes all taken with my droid 2! Not too bad for a phone!