Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, September 12, 2011

30 pantry sketchbooks

I decided to use my pantry sketchbooks ..

30 of them...

for journals/memory verse dwellers and journaling/drawing.

I am helping teach in the 2nd grade class during Wednesday night church meetings this school year.  Our time is limited and I thought the pantry sketchbooks would be a great idea for many reasons;

1.  Practice writing skills by writing short verses from the weeks' lesson
2.  Each child designs their own cover
3.  Teaching the thought "use what you have already"
4.  Explore journaling and drawing
5.  Hoping the children will thrive with having their own personal sketchbook to go to every week!

Each was bound with black acrylic yarn.  Each book has 10 blank sketchbook pages.

Week one results:  I am happy to report that they were received very well and the creativity has begun!

taking a simple idea and running with it on this artist holiday,


  1. The kids and their parents are going to see what a gift from God you are. what a fab teacher you are. Yeah! you got a nice magazine layout. So happy for you. I will pick up a copy. Your ornament is how we met...via the internet and CPS magazine. How lucky am I to own a Hannah original!

  2. Great job Hannah, it will be great for you to look back and see how the kids have collected 'treasures' in your very own sketchbooks♥.