Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Changing my Mindset

It never fails, each artistic endeavor I travel, there is a valuable lesson for me on the other side.  The Sketchbook Challenge is certainly one of them!  And honestly, drawing has never been something I truly enjoyed.  It has always been a means to an end for what I really wanted to do - design a piece of jewelry, paint an object or design fabric, etc...  Well, I want to change my mindset on this and practice drawing more, with pencil only.  No paints, no pens, just me and the pencil.  And of course I started with silly things, like my children's toys and other items that strike me.  So, here goes.....

What else but a jazzberry jam crayon!

Foam letters and numbers.  The angle was a bit tough to capture and getting the shadows right.

Beautiful brown suede shoes for my littlest one.  I like the one on the right better.  Left shoe was a tougher angle.

Babydoll.  It certainly doesn't look like a real person!  Eyes are tough.  I did much more work on the face than the body, hence the darker areas.

Toy phone.  Better angle here.

Changes and growth on this artist holiday-


  1. I really like this idea & I was thinking of doing something like this. I have just bought a sketchbook so I can practice more drawing.

  2. I had thought the sketch book challenge would get me to draw more. I also lack in this skill. But so far it has been only a " I should sketch soon". So tonight I will pick up pencil and paper and sketch! thanks for the inpiration!