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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Boots and Pencils

Just me and my pencils...

This month's Sketchbook Challenge theme is "branching out - out on a limb".  With that in mind,  I decided to pick up a brush very little this month.  Turns out, it's been a crazy month with family obligations and life in general, so that wasn't as hard as I thought!  But, I didn't want to paint at all in my challenge sketchbook.  So far so good, but the month isn't over yet...  I am feeling that tinge!

I just love my 7 year old's pink cowgirl boots and decided to sit down and just sketch, no paint to cover the flaws, just pencils.

If you have ever tried drawing shoes, maybe you noticed that certain angles can look normal in real life, but trying to draw them at that same angle, they can look a little skewed or not quite right.  Maybe it's just me and needing more practice, or maybe that's where the hand of the artist comes out!  Not sure, but gotta keep practicing either way.

It funny that the months' theme also coincided with me offering my first private art lesson!  That is really branching out! Other branching out opportunities that coincided this month;  I have attempted to get my first wholesale account. (no luck yet)  I have also sent off a proposal for my first magazine article.  I won't hear back from for quite a few months.  So, even though my sketchbook pages were a little thin this month, I would like to think that I have totally taken advantage of the month's theme and branched out more than I ever have before.

out on a limb on this artist holiday-

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  1. Offering your first class is definitely "branching out" and being "out on a limb". All of the "firsts" you are attempting fit right in. Good luck with all of attempts to set up your first Classroom and with the first submitted article.

    I have found a water color web site that offers very basic tutorials, so that is going to be my emphasis as far as exercises go for the next few weeks. Then I'll also keep working on my pineapple series along with the basics exercises.

    I look forward to seeing you at our "Sketch In" at the NC Museum of Art. Sure hope we add a few more to our group, but even if it is just the three of us, we'll have a good time.