Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Visually Speaking

 My passion runs thick, my soul cannot contain it...

 The soul sits without quiver as the waves brush its' surface. And there it will be, unweathered by the storm's constant fury. 

Storm Within

With the stroke of one brush, I touched the moon and felt alive.

Soul's Surge

Its age spoke to her first, then the delicate edge. She could not stop staring at its history. She had just the place for it to remain.

Rustic Organic Clay Bowl

She remembers her loss and her courage for within her lives a pink ember that cannot be tamed.

Porcelain Shell Earrings

She kneeled down to see what her eye caught for her and relished in the discovery. As she placed the broken pottery in her hand she knew there would be more to its story.

Ceramic Decorative Bowl

Just a hint of blue was all she needed. She grabbed her purse and keys and knew she was unstoppable.

Porcelain Earrings with a Touch of Blue

I cannot choose one passion over the other, they are woven together in the thread of my being.
This is me and I am enough.

Choosing to be in the arena of vunerability on this artist holiday,

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