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Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Prints

Been carving away...

And now I am ready to ink up and print.

I always love a striking color.


I wanted to create a print that can be used for birthday or celebration cards.
Since starting this block I have realized how much I love cake candles and even started
a Pinterest Board.  Follow the link to explore what's out there-

My block is inked and ready!

When I develop a color for my prints, 
I try to think beyond printing to what colors I would add when I apply watercolor to the prints.

I so enjoy carving and printing the small block.
this block is sized 2" x 3".

The repetition is soothing and mesmerizing to me.
Sometimes I really don't want to cut them apart...

On to the next one...

When I print I try to begin with the lightest color I will use and add darker ink as I go.
It saves on clean up.

"Fish in the Boat"
4" x 3"

This block housed many ideas before I finally decided on this one.

I wanted the image to blend better than it was, hence the rework.

Some faded parts are in each print, but I keep pressin' on!

This is a bigger block and I am hand pressing each print.
The faded parts give it that handmade and imperfect look to me.

Last but certainly not least...

"Tiki in the Sun"
4" x 2 7/8"

I was so excited about this one too!
It started out as a doodle and I knew I needed to make it a print!

There is some really small details in this block.

Here I reversed every other print for a unique pattern.

Some of the details get inked over after many prints but I still love this one!
Oh and by the way, this color is not black.  It is a dark gray with a bluish tint.  

For printing, I have found that I really prefer an off black color versus straight black.  A dark color with a bluish tint has richness and gives it a unique look. 

These blocks were not carved over a few nights.  They are examples of how being consistent and doing just a little bit each day can get it done.  I carved these blocks off and on from 6 months to a year.  

A few cuts a day and before you know it - you are ready to print-

Living like a printmaker on this artist holiday,

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  1. Nice block prints. Good tip on using black ink, will try it. The candles are a clever idea and will be popular I'm sure. Always fun to stop by and see what you are up to!