Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, October 3, 2011


I submitted a painting for the opportunity to get into the White Show at the Visual Art Exchange Gallery in downtown Raleigh!  This is a juried show and results will be posted in a day or two.  The dominant color should be white in all submissions.  Opening reception this Friday night.

I titled my painting.... 


Materials used:  gesso, acrylic paint, mixed media (cheese cloth, soft pastels, charcoal, pencil)

Trying to establish texture, depth and subtle color

It was more of a challenge to keep white the dominant color than I originally thought.  So much depth can be created with color.  Another lesson learned by participating in calls for artists!!

I enjoy the pale blue, magenta and white combination.  The black markings finish it off.

A simple black frame would look fantastic around it.

hok 2011 subtle in the corner, not to distract from the rest of the painting.

still learning lessons and trying to get out there on this artist holiday,

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  1. Very nice, good luck. loved the sun beam on the sea and sun.