Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, October 21, 2011

She moves on...

While faced with another rejection, I an happy to report that rejection does not bother me like it used too.  I pick my head up and move on to my next artistic adventure.  However, I must share that when I got the rejected painting back home, I promptly painted it hot pink!!!

And she moves on....

..... to drawing.  Yes, the task I seem to put at the bottom of my art-to-do list.  Well it made a jump to the very top and I am so glad it did. It is a quiet activity, that takes time and concentration, something that I do not always give my creativity.  Lesson learned there!  It seems everything lately is rush, rush and I needed an activity to counter-balance all that going.  It worked.  Now, in art school, drawing from photos is not the correct thing to do, much less magazines.  You should draw from models and real life.  Well, not possible for me at this time, I decided to go against the grain on that one and just try to hone in on my skill.  Below are my examples-

Sketches from a magazine..

Materials used: sketch pencils, student quality drawing paper

A bit of a challenging angle.  But I enjoy drawing the side view of her face.

I think she is too shaded, so the next two I tried to shade a little less, but still trying to give the drawing depth.

Tough toes on this one.  Who knew flat shoes and the angle of her foot would be such a challenge!  Something still isn't correct with her waist to me, but I moved on.

I like the back foot better.

I believe I captured her stance in this sketch.

I enjoy it so much when correct angles collide with curvy lines!

Taupe Toes - my favorite so far!

draw, draw, drawing on this artist holiday,


  1. Such good exercise, Hannah. I am finally going to get back to blogging after a very long respite. It is so nice to read your blog for inspiration. I hope our paths cross soon to share what we are doing.

  2. I am feeling the rush-rush too. your drawings are fab! I get the rejection thing, after a while it's easyer to move on. I didn't get the painting grant..knew if I got it, it was do to luck. I hope to get some focus soon...I seem to have put things on hold...due to lack of direction. not sure what to do with myself.