Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mail Art

My friend, Jill, over at Recycled Daze  put together another mail art opportunity for her followers.  These are so much fun, because you make something and send it off, all the while someone else is making something for you!  What theme to create is always my question.  She scheduled it around Valentine's Day, so the love theme was a real possibility.  But me having to be different finally decided to go in another direction, a direction I find very tangible now and always...  positive inspirations!

By choosing to join the mail art swap, I had to create 2 pieces of mail art.  I chose the 4x6 postcard size as my blank canvas...

Inspiration to Grow On and  A Visible Lift

Front View of 2 cards

Materials used: sturdy watercolor paper, magazine cut-outs, acrylic paint, metallic pens, black pen, tracing paper, thread

Back View of 2 cards

I wanted each person to read both inspirational phrases, so I wrote each phrase on the back of the cards.  This is the side I placed a quick note on the left and their names and addresses on the right.

I used cut outs from an art catalog, among various other cut outs on these 2 cards.  I always love how they fan the paint brushes to show the whole collection.  
A little more subtle in these cards, but equally loved is the blocks of color catalogs will display on the page to show you the variety they offer.  Some have interesting names!

I have always enjoyed creating collages and this was a perfect opportunity for me to dive back in.  I had some special thank you cards I wanted to write to a few friends, so I took this opportunity to create those as well!

Detail view of 4 postcards

Each postcard has an inspirational phrase on the front.

I once again used magazine cut-outs of things I found interesting.  Looking for various textures and patterns to interact.  It is so cool to flip through magazines and cut out words and phrases that, most of the time, have nothing to do with creativity but I interject it as such!!

Make Your Change Show
Make Every Day Special
Make Your Mark
Make Your Own Experience

Each phrase is something I think about and try my hardest to live each day.  

Back view of each card with my signature and all inspirational phrases for each person to read!

finding textures, patterns and words of inspiration to share on this artist holiday-


  1. These are nothing short of fantastic! xox Corrine Thanks to Jill for a great swap idea.

  2. I love my card, it is happiness through color. the back is is so cool and clever. wish I would have thought to do art on the back too!xxox, jill

  3. Hi! I did the swap, too. :0) I totally love your cards! So cool and colorful! xo