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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kindness Chronicles - Lost Pennies

the kindness chronicles

When you find those lost pennies do you make sure they are heads up first before you pick them? Then you think you'll receive a little good luck?

If they are tails up, do you just leave them as they are?  

Well, what if....

you did not just leave it tails up but instead....

YOU turn it over to be heads up for the next person that comes along!

This past month I found a penny in a parking lot tails down.  It occurred to me instead of leaving it tails down, turn it over for someone to find it heads up and feel just a little happiness!

It is a very small gesture, but we all know those bad days come along and it is the little surprises of joy, (finding that penny heads up) that could change our thinking and maybe even our day.

So next time, turn that penny over and feel the joy that someone else will be happy to find a heads up penny!

Just a few other random acts this month;
1.  straightened shuffled books on a library shelf 
2.  Helped an unknown mother with her stroller
3.  Words of encouragement spoken and sent to me!!!  Love reading them over and over!!!
4.Support of my artistic endeavors financially!! So greatly appreciated!

This is only the second installation of the Kindness Chronicles and it has shown me more than what I do for others, how much more others do for me!  Reflection on these events is so inspiring for myself!  

The Kindness Chronicles is when we share our small and sometimes large random acts of kindness!

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thinking about the little things on this artist holiday,

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  1. I may have to adopt your Kindness Chronicles. i have been a grump. but i think i figured out why. need to make a few changes in my life...like leave my job that fits my time requirments but doesn't fit me as a creative person..the job is a box that I repeat the same thing over everyday. Not much of an Oparh fan but i happen to catch her lifeclas with Tony Robbins...what is the story you tell yourself about your life? got me thinking and moving.
    now i need to do a few kind things to keep me moving. take care and drop by my blog..do a mail art swap again!!!