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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craft Consultant

With each step you take, new opportunities come from unexpected places...

Chicago Botanic Garden

That is how I feel about my new Wednesday night position as Craft Consultant at our church.  The responsibilities for this title include designing or creating various crafts that pertain to the classes curriculum.  Many crafts are given along with the lesson, but for a few I may need to design another venue for the teachers to take.  I am also planning crafts for the special occasions throughout the year, such as Christmas and Easter.  

I am very excited and have already experienced joy through this opportunity.  I wanted to share this with you because I will be using this blog to share my craft designs and various experiments I will do through this position.

Chicago Botanic Garden

My hope is for you to find something useful you can apply to your own life.

I encourage you to share if you are able to use any of what I present here.  That is my only way of knowing!

Chicago Botanic Garden

My Craft Philosophy
My craft philosophy is to create a lasting memory and in most cases a cherished craft for each child to feel represents their creative time spent discussing God's love and many biblical stories.  I believe a cherished craft holds together for more than 24 hours and does not feel like a waste of time for the child or the teacher.  Though every week, every craft may not appeal to each child the same, I do believe the collection we create over the year will instill visual memories for the children to recall the parable or moral lesson at a later time.

I created a philosophy for this position so not only would the teachers know my position, but it would create perimeters for me I could refer to when needed.  

Millennium Park - Chicago
"The Bean"

I have my backpack on ready to explore and continue to grow personally through my love of creating arts and crafts!

Standing inside "The Bean" and looking up.

It is when we search inside ourselves, that we really find the answers we were looking for.  

I learn this again and again..

Praying for a season full of creativity and self awareness on this artist holiday,

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  1. So happy for you, seems like you found a place to grow and share. Lucky..blessed you! I'm in my usual struggle of family vs art but of late dout has been creeping in. Reading your post I am rethinking things. Will be seeking joy in my work and family today. Thanks my dear for the post, you are off and running with your new venture.