Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kindness Chronicles August

It is when you bless someone else that you get many more blessings in return.  I realized this again very recently...

A dear friend and my art mentor just recently had surgery.  I decided to send her a small boutique of flowers.  She lives a couple hours away and this was just a small gesture to say I am thinking of you and to feel better real soon.  As with any gesture of kindness you feel good and though I would have loved to visit her personally, sending flowers was what I could do at the time.

It wasn't very long before she sent me one of the coolest thank you cards....

A vegetable fabric postcard!!!

She found them at a farmer's market!!

Beautiful deep shades of purple and metallic thread really set it off!

She wrote on the back with a thin pen!

That was awesome, but then something else happened...

I received another fabric postcard from her!

Lovely batik and commercial fabrics!

I just love how the artist used the pattern of the batik for such texture on the veggie!

I will cherish this beautiful mail art for many years to come!  
I actually want to find a way to hang them in my kitchen!

I thought, that's pretty cool!  2 fabric postcards!!  And then she sent me another one!!!

This was created with vintage linen!  I am enjoying the bright oranges with the subtle background.

Fun patterns on the fabric!

Embroidery work!!!  Very nice!!!

Each came wrapped in a plastic sleeve, protected and with the stamps on the plastic.  Such a cool way to send mail!

Do you see what I mean?  She should be getting the mail, the get-well-soon cards and instead she is sending kindness and smiles back my way!  

Thank you L.R. for your kindness and continual guidance in my artistic endeavors!

thankful for beauty from a friend on this artist holiday,


  1. smiles, smiles, smiles!!!! sharing of love, good stuff!

  2. So inspirational! These make me want to get to work on a few postcards!

  3. Hi Hannah,
    I found your blog in a round about way looking at prayer flags. I LOVE, LOVE the ones you did for VBS. I am trying to figure out a way to make them in a faith-based way, and you have opened my eyes. Thanks so much!